20 Best Knock Out Rose Companion Plants, and How to Choose

Knock Out Rose Companion Plants

I’ve written an extensive list of the best companion plants for roses, and many of those apply here. But as knock out® roses are slightly different, I’ve selected the best knock out rose companion plants below. Knock Out rose companion plants include lavender, pansies, Impatiens, and marigolds. Or cottage garden plants like poppies and Larkspurs. … Read more

What Not to Plant With Roses, Why, and What to Plant Instead

what not to plant with roses

I’ve already written about what companion plants you can place alongside your roses. But what not to plant with roses, alongside them, or near roses? So here I’m going through what those plants are, and why you shouldn’t really place them as companion plants to your roses. Here’s the list of what not to plant … Read more

Green Rose Meaning: Renewal, Stability, Love, Fertility, and More

green rose meaning

Received a green rose? Of all the rose colors that you could give or receive, a green rose meaning might not be the most obvious of all the meanings associated with roses. So as an avid rose enthusiast and blogger, I’m going through the meaning of a green rose. Discussing green rose meaning in love, … Read more

Should You Cut off Rose Hips? When, How, and Why

should you cut off rose hips

If you’ve grown your roses correctly enough through the year, then you may know that they produce rose hips. So what should you do about them? Should you cut off rose hips? Should you cut off rose hips in Spring? If not then when? And how? That’s what I’m answering in this post, starting with … Read more

When to Fertilize Roses: Type, Zone, Month, With Handy Chart

when to fertilize roses

I’ve written a lot of articles about fertilizing roses, the various types, and how to use them. But when to fertilize roses can depend on a few factors, so I’m going through those in this article. For most growing zones in the northern hemisphere, you should fertilize roses from April to September. When to start, … Read more

What Roses Symbolize: In life, Love, Relationships, and More

what roses symbolize

Looking to understand what roses symbolize? Well, roses have been symbols of love, beauty, loyalty, admiration, appreciation, and much more. Rose symbolism spans centuries. The traditional rose colors each have their own unique meaning. Red roses symbolize love and passion, pink roses represent gratitude and appreciation, white roses signify purity and innocence, yellow roses represent … Read more

When to Plant Bare Root Roses, How to Grow Them Successfully

when to plant bare root roses how to plant bare root roses

Knowing when to plant bare root roses can make a difference, as they differ slightly from planting other types of roses. So it’s important to follow some basic instructions carefully. That’s what I’m going through in this post. First, we’ll discuss when to plant bare root roses, then we’ll head on to how to plant … Read more

Floribunda vs Hybrid Tea Roses, Main Differences, Best Uses

floribunda vs hybrid tea roses

If you’re trying to decide between floribunda vs hybrid tea roses, there are a few key differences to keep in mind. We’ll go through the differences here, but first of all, let’s get a quick summary. Hybrid tea roses are large-flowered roses that have up to three flushes between summer and late fall. They mostly … Read more