20 Best Knock Out Rose Companion Plants, and How to Choose

Knock Out Rose Companion Plants

I’ve written an extensive list of the best companion plants for roses, and many of those apply here. But as knock out® roses are slightly different, I’ve selected the best knock out rose companion plants below. Knock Out rose companion plants include lavender, pansies, Impatiens, and marigolds. Or cottage garden plants like poppies and Larkspurs. … Read more

What Not to Plant With Roses, Why, and What to Plant Instead

what not to plant with roses

I’ve already written about what companion plants you can place alongside your roses. But what not to plant with roses, alongside them, or near roses? So here I’m going through what those plants are, and why you shouldn’t really place them as companion plants to your roses. Here’s the list of what not to plant … Read more

Roses and Boxwoods Together: Easy Companions for Any Garden

roses and boxwoods

Roses and boxwoods together as a companion pairing bring the standard green-red color to the garden throughout the year and share some similarities like growing zones, soil type, height, and spread. So if you’re considering this combination of companion plants, then I’m going through how roses and boxwoods together can complement each other, and your … Read more

Roses and Irises Together Make Great Companion Plants

roses and irises

Roses and irises can create some stunning color combinations, not only in the garden but in bouquets too. Here I’m going through the growing differences and similarities when planting irises and roses together. So you can decide if this is a good combination for your rose bed. Here’s a quick summary. Roses and irises are … Read more

Roses and Honeysuckle: Choosing the Best Variety for Roses

roses and honeysuckle

Roses and honeysuckle are a classic pairing and make up the true midsummer magic in the fluorescence of the garden by combining their soulful scents. They also share some other characteristics. In this post, I’ll be looking at roses and honeysuckle companion plants and understanding what rose and honeysuckle planted together can bring to your … Read more

Roses and Peonies: Great Companions With Many Similar Needs

roses and peonies

Looking to plant roses and peonies together? Well, peonies are the symbol of romanticism and unconditional love …and the same goes for roses. So both of these plants make a perfect romantic pair together. However, are roses and peonies good companion plants? How do they fare as companions when it comes to their daily needs … Read more

Roses and Gardenias: How to Plant Together for Best Results

roses and gardenias

Roses and gardenias look good together and can increase the floral embellishment of the garden, but there are one or two challenges with this pair that you will need to keep in mind, but companion planting roses and gardenias can be achieved. Let’s look at a comparative analysis of both roses and gardenias first. Starting … Read more

Roses and Alliums Together, Types That Work as Companions

roses and alliums

We often don’t just plant roses on their own – as wonderful as that can look. Usually, we companion plant them with compatible plants. Roses and alliums are one combination gardeners look at. Here’s the overview you might be looking for when contemplating planting roses and alliums together, then we’ll get into more details. Alliums … Read more

Best Companion Plants for Roses, Plus a Simple Table Guide

companion plants for roses

As part of taking care of your roses, you want to ensure they’re being planted near friendly plants that will provide them with help and protection. As well as what plants do not sit well beside your roses. So that’s what I’m going to go over in this post. Starting with what requirements you ideally … Read more