My Knockout Roses Look Terrible! Here’s the Problem! [Fixed]

pink double knockout roses - My knockout roses look terrible

I’m sorry to hear that your knockout roses look terrible. There could be several reasons why they might be struggling. It helps to understand a little more about why they look terrible, but in the absence of further information, here are some common issues that can affect knockout® roses. Here’s a brief overview of the … Read more

How Long Do Knock Out Roses Live? Lifespan and Bloom Period

how long do knock out roses live

Knock out® roses (Rosa ‘Radrazz’) are a type of garden rose known for its long blooming period. You might wonder how long they live for, the lifespan of knock out® roses. So how long do knock out roses live? Here’s a quick response to how long do knock out roses live, then we’ll get into … Read more

20 Best Knock Out Rose Companion Plants, and How to Choose

Knock Out Rose Companion Plants

I’ve written an extensive list of the best companion plants for roses, and many of those apply here. But as knock out® roses are slightly different, I’ve selected the best knock out rose companion plants below. Knock Out rose companion plants include lavender, pansies, Impatiens, and marigolds. Or cottage garden plants like poppies and Larkspurs. … Read more