Are Roses Evergreen? Which Types, Differences, Choosing, FAQ

are roses evergreen

With over 30,000 varieties of roses, you would expect at least some to be evergreen. But are roses evergreen? That’s what we’re going to go through in this article. We’ll also touch on which types of roses are evergreen shortly, But let’s cover the quick answer first. Roses are generally evergreen or deciduous, depending on … Read more

Are Rose Petals Edible? And How to Eat Other Parts, a Guide

are rose petals edible

Rose petals are, of course, wonderful to look at. And actually, they’re also very nourishing. But which parts can you and can’t you eat on a rose? Are rose petals edible? What about the leaves or other parts of the rose plant? In this article, I’m going over what parts of a rose you can … Read more

Aphids on Miniature Roses: The Types, and How to Tackle Them

aphids on miniature roses

Getting aphids on miniature roses? Miniature roses can suffer from pests as much as any other rose. If you’re concerned about aphids attacking your miniature roses then in this article, I’m going through when it will start, how they attack, what they will do to your miniature roses and some solutions on how to deal … Read more

Rose Categories, Modern, Old Garden, and Wild, Ultimate Guide

rose categories

As hybridization becomes the norm, there’s a constant flow of new types of roses added to the main rose categories being brought into the market all the time. These are commonly referred to as the main rose “classifications”. But most of these fall into three main rose categories which I’ll discuss here. Here’s a quick … Read more