Floribunda vs Hybrid Tea Roses, Main Differences, Best Uses

floribunda vs hybrid tea roses

If you’re trying to decide between floribunda vs hybrid tea roses, there are a few key differences to keep in mind. We’ll go through the differences here, but first of all, let’s get a quick summary. Hybrid tea roses are large-flowered roses that have up to three flushes between summer and late fall. They mostly … Read more

Rambling Rose vs Climbing Rose, Differences, Care, Uses

rambling rose vs climbing rose

When it comes to buying a rose that you want to use up a wall, trellis, or fencing. Then the two choices are really a rambling rose or climbing rose. So in this article, I’m describing the differences – and similarities – between rambling rose vs climbing rose. Starting with a quick way of identifying … Read more

All Types of Roses: Floribunda, Polyantha, Hybrid Tea, And More

types of roses

Roses are extremely popular garden plants and are so beautiful to look at. They provide a classic elegant and prestigious garden look. But what types of roses would suit your needs? What are the differences between the various types? What I’ve learned over a few years of growing roses is what I’m going to discuss … Read more

What Are Hybrid Tea Roses: Everything You Need to Know

hybrid tea rose

The hybrid tea rose is a common type of rose. You’ve probably heard the name and started looking to see what they are. So what are hybrid tea roses? In this article, I’m answering that question, going over their look and description so you can perhaps identify them, along with their key characteristics. I’ll also … Read more

What Are Floribunda Roses: Features, Climate, Growing, Pests

what are floribunda roses

When it comes to roses, there are many different types to choose from? One type of rose that you may not be familiar with is the floribunda rose. So what are floribunda roses? In this article, we will take a closer look at floribunda roses and what sets them apart from other types of roses. … Read more

What Are Grandiflora Roses: Overview, Climate, Size, and Care

what are grandiflora roses

This Grandiflora page dedicated to an overview of data is designed to provide important information concerning Grandiflora roses. Including their features, and the benefits for those thinking of growing Grandiflora roses. Or even for those who simply want to understand more about them. I’m going to start with a quick summary to answer “What are … Read more

Floribunda vs Grandiflora, Main Differences and Best Uses

floribunda vs grandiflora

Two popular rose varieties you will find are floribunda and grandiflora. So here I’m comparing the two head-to-head – floribunda vs grandiflora. I’ll go over the main differences in appearance, special characteristics, blooming, pests, sun and water needs, and where you might look to use each type While they may look similar at first glance, … Read more

Rose Categories, Modern, Old Garden, and Wild, Ultimate Guide

rose categories

As hybridization becomes the norm, there’s a constant flow of new types of roses added to the main rose categories being brought into the market all the time. These are commonly referred to as the main rose “classifications”. But most of these fall into three main rose categories which I’ll discuss here. Here’s a quick … Read more