My Knockout Roses Look Terrible! Here’s the Problem! [Fixed]

pink double knockout roses - My knockout roses look terrible

I’m sorry to hear that your knockout roses look terrible. There could be several reasons why they might be struggling. It helps to understand a little more about why they look terrible, but in the absence of further information, here are some common issues that can affect knockout® roses. Here’s a brief overview of the … Read more

When to Fertilize Roses: Type, Zone, Month, With Handy Chart

when to fertilize roses

I’ve written a lot of articles about fertilizing roses, the various types, and how to use them. But when to fertilize roses can depend on a few factors, so I’m going through those in this article. For most growing zones in the northern hemisphere, you should fertilize roses from April to September. When to start, … Read more

Black Spot Disease on Roses: Treat It and Prevent It

black spot disease on roses

I assume you arrived here because you’re concerned you might have black spot disease on roses in your garden? If so, then my heart goes out to you. Any gardener who grows roses will tell you that one concern is black spot disease on roses. So in this post, I’m going over what black spot … Read more

Best NPK Ratio for Roses: Types, Advice, and Recommendations

NPK ratio for roses

Most gardeners know of or have heard of NPK ratios. I’ve had to learn this too with my roses. So what is the best N-P-K ratio for roses? I’m going over some of the main points in this article, starting with a summary to get you a quick answer. The best NPK ratio for roses … Read more

Is Wood Ash Good for Roses? Which Roses, When, and How Much

is wood ash good for roses

Those of us that love growing roses feel the urge to give them everything they need to help them thrive and generate a glorious bloom. So we’ll try lots of different fertilizers and magic nutrients. One option is wood ash. But is wood ash good for roses? That’s what we’re going to explore in this … Read more

Is Human Urine Good for Roses? Why, and When to Add It

is human urine good for roses

Yes, we’re talking about human urine being used as a fertilizer. Is human urine good for roses? Well, that’s what I’m going to discuss in this article …yep. So for once I kind of really am taking the urine! First, though, let’s start with a quick answer, then we’ll get into some of the details. … Read more

Is Cow Manure Good for Roses? Which Ones, When, and How Much

is cow manure good for roses

In my enthusiasm for the best roses throughout my rose-growing journey, I’ve tried lots of ways to get the best blooms and the most healthy roses possible. One of those was using cow manure. So is cow manure good for roses? That’s what I’m going to go through in this article. So read on and … Read more

Is Horse Manure Good for Roses? Which Roses, How Much, and When

is horse manure good for roses

Horse manure is often touted as a great natural fertilizer for roses. But is it really all it’s cracked up to be? Let’s take a closer look at the question I get asked a lot, which is “is horse manure good for roses”, and how to use it effectively if you do choose to go … Read more