Tools and Resources

Here you’ll find the tools and resources that I use, or that I’m testing, to get my roses looking the best! And just a few of my favorite garden tools. 🙂

Quality Roses

The reputable rose site I use for quality roses. They have a great selection and can ship to most places. It arrives in great condition and I can see the roses have been well cared for. These things are important!



Like the ones I use below, these should be at least 3/4 inch. Whichever ones you choose, make sure the blades cross not meet. These also have a soft grip handle for when you’re pruning lots of roses!


Soil tester

soil tester

You can get a number of these around. They probably have them at your local garden center. But if you need one fast then here’s a good one for you.

pH soil digital test kit

Fertilizer recommendations

miracle gro rose plant food

Most of the time I tend to buy Miracle Gro Rose Plant Food available on Amazon.

dr earth total advantage

Dr. Earth Total Advantage Organic Rose & Flower Fertilizer 4-6-2 (Amazon)

It can often be cheaper from Naturehills. Check availability here.

nutrient rich potting soil

You will need good, nutrient-rich potting soil like the one I’ve added here.

Potting Soil

Pesticide and Insecticide

black spot disease on roses - green cure

Roses can be prone to black spot disease and powdery mildew. Bioadvanced has a formula specifically designed to target these issues. Here’s a link to it.

Green Cure

neem oil

Neem Oil is great for tackling issues like spider mites. Just be careful to follow the instructions as it needs diluting and can burn. Also, be careful which type you buy as some are more organic friendly than others.

Neem Oil


If you’re looking to get into irrigation for roses, then here’s the kit I’d recommend.

Drip irrigation kit



Garden fork

Garden Rake