Can Roses Survive Winter in Pots? Here’s What to Do and When

can roses survive winter in pots

If you have roses in pots in your yard, you might ask … can roses survive winter in pots? That’s what I’m going through today so you can avoid coming out of winter to ruined pots of roses! Here’s the quick answer, then we’ll get into more details… To help your roses can survive winter … Read more

Best Roses for Pots and Containers: Types, Space, Options

best roses for pots

When it comes to growing roses in pots, there are a few things to consider. Let’s go through a few of the considerations. Here’s the list… Best roses for pots include the following types: Best roses for pots – The space available Space will be one of the primary considerations. It may be you’re looking … Read more

9 Tips to Keep Mini Roses Blooming Longer and Better 🌹

keep mini roses blooming

Mini roses can be once bloomers or continuous bloomers, but regardless of the variety, how do you keep mini roses blooming? To keep mini roses blooming at their full capacity and in a healthy and sustainable manner, will require some basic – but regular – maintenance. Which essentially falls into proper sunlight, sufficient watering, deadheading … Read more

Do Mini Roses Need Full Sun? Easy Guide to Roses and Sun

do mini roses need full sun

Do mini roses need full sun? That’s probably the question you’re asking and that’s what I’m going to tackle in this post. Let’s start with a brief answer, then we’ll get into more details. Ideally, mini roses need full sunlight for 6+ hours. Morning sunlight before noon is preferable, as it is less intense. Under … Read more

Do Mini Roses Need to Be Pruned? Yes! Here’s When, and How

do miniature roses need to be pruned

Everyone loves miniature roses. Mini roses are precisely scaled, small copies of large roses, with all of the colors, shapes, textures, and, in some cases, the fragrance of full-size roses. But do mini roses need to be pruned? That’s what I’m going through in this article. Here’s the quick answer first… Mini roses ideally should … Read more