Where Do You Put Miniature Roses? Where, When, What They Need

So you’ve got your miniature rose and now you want to know where to put it! So where do you put miniature roses? That’s what I’m going through in this article.

So here’s the summary, then we’ll get into more details.

Primarily, miniature roses will need 6 to 8 hours of direct sun, so a south-facing window is ideal. Along with soil with a pH balance of 6.5 to 6.8, a temperature of 65°F to 75°F, and sufficient water so that it’s not wet, but damp. Rotating the plant once a week will promote all-around growth.

So by way of marking off your list, this is what you should ensure your miniature roses have.

  • 6-8 hours of sunlight daily 
  • Soil with a pH balance between 6.5-6.8
  • The temperature of 65 to 75 °F during the day, and above 60°F at night
  • Regular watering
  • Good humidity

Regarding the watering, check out my full article on when to water roses.

So I’ll tackle placing miniature roses inside and outside. And the points that are important for your rose to thrive.

wheree do you put miniature roses

Where do you put miniature roses

So where do you put miniature roses?

Because miniature roses are a smaller version of the large plant. There are a lot of spaces they can occupy.

They’re not suitable to put on a shelf, for those you could opt for a micro rose plant. But they will look very much in place in a conservatory, a patio, in front of a set of glass doors, or a large full-length window.

You could place a miniature rose on a unit of furniture in the room. This is something you would do to make the rose a centerpiece of the display.

If you’re going to make a miniature rose a centerpiece, then you need to create this display when roses are approaching, or in bloom. As they look less display-like when they are not in bloom.

I’m not saying you can’t leave it as the centerpiece, but I’d recommend you use it as a centerpiece when you know it’s going to look its best.

Indoors or outdoors

Regardless of where you’re growing your miniature plants, i.e. indoors or outdoors, some common conditions should be met and that you need to take into account during your placement.

Correct placement will make sure your miniature rose plant is left in a healthy place to sustain longevity – and if met, this means it will give out more full, higher, and repetitive blooms.

Here are some of these conditions, and how they need to be decided upon based on whether you’re growing your plant indoors or outdoors.

And if you move your rose, and find that it’s not thriving, refer back to the points below. Or read my full post on mini rose not blooming.

mini roses
mini roses

Place the rose in a light place

Make sure the place you put the plant gets the required amount of sunlight every day. Usually for a miniature rose plant to thrive fully, they need at least 6-8 hours of sunlight daily.

This is why many gardeners also believe that placing and growing miniature rose plants inside may not necessarily allow them to perform best in terms of giving out full and higher blooms. 

Although miniature roses can tolerate a little bit of shade, with time, their foliage and flowers can become sparse in shady conditions.

Let’s not forget that places indoors usually have a lot of shade, even full-height windows block some direct when the sun falls beyond the cope of the window frames.

Also, by putting miniature rose plants in places where they can get adequate sunlight, it’s possible to increase the disease resistance characteristics of the plant, thereby increasing their longevity. 

Putting your miniature plant in a place that can give a large amount of sunlight is somewhat tricky.

So one of the best ways to overcome this (at least, as much as possible) is to place the plant close to a south-facing window, especially in darker months.

And when it’s the height of summer, keep it slightly removed from all-day sunlight. Away from this place or location can work well because too much heat exposure from the window can damage the plant. 

mini rose in window

Best placement is indoors and outdoors

You can make the best of both worlds. When grown in pots, miniature roses are not just resigned to one place.

So opt to put your miniature rose plant outside during summer, that way they will get the optimum sunlight requirements. And indoors when the weather is colder.

And when placed indoors, it’s also a good idea to rotate the plant every few days, or 1-2 weeks at a time. This way, all parts of the plant are receiving similar amounts of sunlight and are growing symmetrically.

Wherever you put your miniature rose plant, just keep in mind that sufficient sunlight is one of the most important factors that affect the growth and healthy bloom of mini roses.

This means that once this condition is met properly, the rest is always easy to take care of. 

Soil pH is important for miniature rose placement

Another thing you need to consider when deciding where to put your miniature rose plant is understanding the soil profile.

If you’re planting outside, then choose a location that has soil with a pH balance between 6.5 to 6.8 or up to 7.0

If the pH is too low, you can consider adding commercial fertilizers with ammonium sulfate, and if the pH is too high, then add a little lime to the soil. I always use this fertilizer from amazon as it’s specially formulated for roses.

And if you’re growing the plant indoors, then don’t dig up the soil from the garden and use it in the pots. 

Putting your miniature rose in garden soil can become too heavy and compact with the frequent waterings that container plants need. Remember, the best soil for roses is loamy soil.

Garden soil around an indoor rose may potentially suffocate the roots. So if you’re growing your miniature rose plant indoors, put them in light nutrient-rich potting soil that drains well …and prevents the plant from root rot.

how to bring a miniature rose back to life

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It may not be as late as you you think it might be.

Place the rose at the right temperature

As mentioned above it’s always best to put your miniature rose plant, whether indoors or outdoors where they can get enough sunlight.

This is because they perform best in warmer weather and most precisely prefer a temperature of 65 to 75°F during the day.

They also like to be put in a place where the temperature doesn’t go below 60°F at night. 

Usually, if the temperature drops below 50°F (10°C) the plant may enter its dormancy phase and stop producing flowers.

Putting or keeping your plant in a place where the temperature drops to this lower level is not necessarily a bad thing.

This is because normally miniature rose plants are hardy in zones 4-10, so they can survive fine in reasonably harsh low temperatures.

In fact, while the colder temperature may cause the leaves and flowers to drop, reaching dormancy is essential for rest, and to prepare the plant for the development of new foliage and flowers in the next blooming season in spring.

And actually, preparing them for low temperatures can increase their strength, promote more healthy, higher, and full blooms in the next season and reduce the damage the plants can potentially incur during the remaining colder months.

So during winter, it’s ok to have your miniature rose indoors but in a cooler place. In fact, I’d recommend you do that.

Bring it indoors, or into a warmer place once the real harsh frost has passed. This can be done simply by bringing any plants grown outside in pots or containers indoors.

If your miniature roses are grown in the garden bed outdoors, then you can’t really put them elsewhere, you just have to winterize them using appropriate insulation methods.

mini roses
mini roses

Humidity indoors and outdoors

Outside the air is almost constantly moist. Plants generally prefer this. If the weather is too dry then the place you have put your miniature rose may have less humidity. So growing miniature roses indoors means they can suffer from lack of moisture in certain places …like hallways for example.

Dry weather calls for you to do some misting to keep the plants and blooms moist.

You can add dish soap to the water mixture when misting, which can help as an insecticide to keep pests away.

However, if the humidity is already high outdoors you can just skip the misting, as too much humidity can cause powdery mildew.

On the other hand, for indoor miniature rose plants you can increase the humidity by putting the rose plant on a tray that is filled with pebbles and has water partially covering them.

What happens here is that the water in the tray will evaporate slowly increasing the indoor-local humidity around the rose giving it the ideal humidity.

Just make sure the base of the pot isn’t sitting in the water as it can soak upwards and rot the roots.

mini roses
mini roses

Where do you put miniature roses ~ More roses help 🌹

So that’s my guide on where to put miniature roses. I hope that helps. Miniature roses can form a wonderful part of your home’s natural decor. It only requires a little moving around and a little more care. But if you’re a rose lover, then this isn’t really a problem.

Be sure to check out my recommended tools and resources. And here are a few more articles that may help too.

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